[ 01.Jul.2013 ]

One live show scheduled for 2013!

Demigod will appear on stage at Wolf Throne Festival on the 9th of November. This will be the first time we play in France!

[ 17.Feb.2012 ]

Demigod will do two more live shows!

May 25th at Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore USA
June 29th at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki Finland

These two shows will be Demigod's last "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" and "Unholy Domain" oriented nostalgia live shows for now. That said, all you fuckers better use any means necessary to materialize yourselves to these events!

[ 14.Apr.2011 ]

Never say never!

So, Demigod will drag their old stinking asses for one more live show. It'll happen at Rites Of Darkness III festival in San Antonio, USA on December 9-10. Needless to say, theme for the night will be none other than the almighty "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" album!

[ 09.Aug.2010 ]

Demigod will return to play one more live show at "Black Mass Ritual III" festival on October 2nd, 2010 in Helsinki.
The band will play the classic "Slumber of Sullen Eyes" album in its whole entirety with even earlier material. If you think that's some nostalgic shit, it gets even more nostalgic as the founder member and mastermind behind the early Demigod, Esa Linden, has waken from slumber and will perform the vocals on the show!

[ 09.Nov.2008 ]

Demigod has split up.

[ 27.Sep.2007 ]


Tuomas Karppinen is DEMIGODs new guitarist and tomorrow we'll play our first gig in Jyväskylä (LUTAKKO) with the new line-up! Karppinen plays also in bands such as TORTURE KILLER, ARCHGOAT and DEEPRED!

[ 26.Sep.2007 ]

Tero has left the building...

Tero Laitinen has decided to leave DEMIGOD after a "few" years of brutality and mayhem... So we leave him behind with a couple of broken bones and a shattered self-image.

Enjoy the days with just a hangover and NOT a fucking band-rehearsal on top of that hangover...

After being a part of DEMIGOD from day one, Tero leaves us with a huge gap in experience, stupid jokes and all the beer-drinking sessions shall be slightly less fun.

We have actually known about Tero's departure for a while now and at this point we can tell that we have found a new guitarist for DEMIGOD and we'll throw our first gig with him next friday!!

Cheers and beers fucker!!!!

[ 14.Jun.2007 ]

Let Chaos Prevail worldwide release date is close at hand!

More info about the release from www.xtreemmusic.com & www.myspace.com/xtreemmusic!

[ 05.Jun.2007 ]

Check this out!

Demigod interview on Pommiradio will be re-broadcast tonight at 18:00 - 21:00. Don't miss it!

[ 30.May.2007 ]

Let Chaos Prevail hits the stores in Finland!

Finally, after almost a year of waiting, the new album titled Let Chaos Prevail will finally be out for the public. With a lot of work behind us and still a lot to do, we are proud the get the third record finally released. To get the album visit these websites:


To celebrate the release of the album we'll be having two record releasing gigs. We will hit Hevimesta in Helsinki on thursday and then on Friday we'll be playing at Klubi, Turku. Hope to see you all there!

[ 21.May.2007 ]

Demigod interview today on Pommiradio!

Demigod-geezers visit Pommiradio today at 17:00 - 20:00. We'll play some of our all-time favorites and a couple of songs from our new CD. So it should be interesting!

[ 01.May.2007 ]

Another new song online!

There's a new track called Cult Of Sickness on MySpace! Take a listen and feel free to leave a comment!

You can pre-order the new album from RecordshopX!


Ennakkotilaa täältä: www.levykauppax.fi/artist/Demigod

[ 11.Apr.2007 ]

Let Chaos Prevail finally ready for release

After careful consideration we have decided to release our third album "Let Chaos Prevail" self-financed in Scandinavia. From the beginning we have strongly believed in the material, so we recorded the album already last summer at Fantom Studios, and now finally after almost a year of pondering our options, it will finally be released. As the criteria for the release this time was proper promotion in Finland and Scandinavia combined with wide spread distribution over the world, we came to the conclusion of releasing the album self financed in Finland and getting a foreign partner to handle the distribution over the world. The right label for co-operation was found in Xtreem Music. With Xtreem Music handling the distribution through out the world and we ourselves taking care of the Scandinavian market, the album will surely reach everyone who is interested in hearing it.

The initial release date has been decided to be the 30th of May in Scandinavia and during June for the rest of the world. The first taste of the album can be heard on our myspace-site with the song "Not Dead Enough".


[ 24.Oct.2006 ]

TL has signed an endorsement deal with Balbex drumsticks

Latvala uses Balbex drumsticks exclusively. Balbex, a Czech-based newcomer on the drumstick market, has already convinced a bunch of top Finnish drummers with the quality of their products. Drummers, check 'em out!

[ 24.Sep.2006 ]

A new song online!

Check out a new track titled Not Dead Enough from www.myspace.com/demigodband!!! Cheers!!!

[ 13.Sep.2006 ]

...About the new album!!!

The new, yet untitled, album was just mastered at Finnvox studios!!
We're going to add a few wicked sound clips to this site soon... (...so we'll see if you like it as much as we do!!!)

Here's the song titles!!!!

-To See The Last One Die
-Baptized In Enmity
-Let Chaos Prevail
-God Said Suffer
-Not Dead Enough
-Dark Turns Black
-Cult Of Sickness
-The Uncrowned
-End Of Evolution

Publisher and release date are, unfortunately, yet unconfirmed.

[ 12.Mar.2006 ]

The drums for the new album are now recorded!

The recordings went down without any problems! The sessions took place at PopStudio (Loimaa, Finland), however the rest of the material will be recorded in July at Fantom Studio (Tampere, Finland). Meanwhile we're searching for a suitable record deal.

[ 19.Jan.2006 ]

Demigod no longer on Spikefarm Records!

A mutual decision was made that it would be better for both Demigod and Spikefarm to part ways. So, we’re looking for a new label!

[ 01.Dec.2005 ]

Slumber Of Sullen Eyes re-release

Finally, the re-release of our debut-album is officially happening!!! It's going to be released through XTREEM MUSIC on the 1st of January 2006! The package includes re-mastered versions of "Slumber of Sullen Eyes" -album and "Unholy Domain" -demo 91. There are also some changes and improvements on the cover!

[24.Nov.2005 ]

Demigod t-shirts for sale!

Prices are 13 euros for regular and 15 euros for lady-fit t-shirts (postage included). Further information from demigodinfo(a)luukku.com!

[ 11.Oct.2005 ]

Tuomo Latvala has signed an endorsement deal for Pearl drums. Thanks to Turun Super Ostis and SMI for the support!

[ 26.Jul.2005 ]

DEMIGOD, DEMILICH, CENTINEX, WORLD BELOW and GHOST GUARD live in Turku - Klubi, 30th September!

[ 10.Mar.2005 ]

New website launched!

[ 07.Dec.2004 ]

Demigod would like to thank Demon Lovers Society for maintaining this site for the last three years. The new official Demigod website http://www.demigod.tv will be online in the beginning of 2005!

[ 06.Apr.2004 ]

Demigod has been writing new song during last winter and now there are ten new songs almost ready. Killer shit coming out dudes!

[ 15.May.2003 ]

Demigod-geezers are currently writing new material for the third album. So don't you worry, you'll be hearing from us soon!

[ 11.Dec.2002 ]

Demigod will play live at following events:
-Grave (Swe), Demigod, Morbid Dream, Säätämö, Turku, January 4th
-"Severe Deathfest", S-osis, Turku, January 10 - 11th
Friday: Deepred, Torn, Slugathor, Morbid Dream, Maggottholamia Saturday: Demigod, Sotajumala, Dauntless, Pus, Torture Killer

[ 26.Sep.2002 ]

DEMIGOD live at Spikefeast with MOONSORROW ,THYRANE , AJATTARA , KALMAH at Nosturi, Helsinki, 27th September.

[ 24.Jul.2002 ]

Demigod has a new drummer called Tuomo Latvala from Turku based band called Torn (www.torngrave.cjb.net). Before Tuomo joined Demigod they had Ali Leiniö filling in on the drums. Ali is no longer a member of the band.

[ 30.May.2002 ]

Demigod is currently rehearsing for their first live show in years. They will appear on stage at Tuska festival (Helsinki) 14th July. Check for more info: www.tuska-festival.fi. More is to come...

[ 03.Mar.2002 ]

Drummer Seppo Taatila has decided to leave the band. He no longer had enough time for the band due to his commitment on his work and the family. Seppo has been a huge part of Demigod and this is a big loss for the band. However this is not the end of Demigod. New matarial has already been written and the band is rehearsing with Tuomas on drums temporarily. Demigod would like to wish Seppo all the best in the future!

[ 22.Feb.2002 ]

In case you didn't already notice the "Shadow Mechanics" CD is now officially released. So check it out from your local record-store!

[ 14.Jan.2002 ]

Some of you may have noticed already that the releasing date has changed. You have to wait a week longer, sorry. The new date is 11 feb 2002. Anyway Demigod would like to wish all of you a very cool new year 2002!

[ 21.Dec.2001 ]

The "Shadow Mechanics" album is now mastered. The final version will include 11 songs in the following order:

1. My Blood Your Blood
2. In The Mirrors
3. Lost Within
4. Where The Shadows Clash
5. Trail Of Guilt
6. Gates Of Lamentation
7. Silent With Earth
8. Derailed
9. Crimson Tears
10. Drifting
11. Burning

One more song had to be left out because the album still had too much length. The releasing date in Finland is 4 feb 2002 and elsewhere to be announced later

[ 15.dec.2001 ]

The Slumber Is Over!
We have some good news for all metal fans out there! Demigod has finally finished recording their second album "Shadow Mechanics" and it's going to be released 4. feb 2002 by Spikefarm records!

The new album includes various material from tight death/thrash riffing to slow melancholic stuff.

You will definitely be surprised when you hear it!

The Album contains following titles:
1. My Blood, Your Blood
2. In The Mirrors
3. Lost Within
4. Where The Shadows Clash
5. Crimson Tears
6. Gates Of Lamentation
7. Silent With Earth
8. Concealed Way
9. Derailed
10. Trail of Guilt
11. Drifting
12. Burning

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